As a high-end brand of Atomstack, iKier provides multiple laser engravers and cutters of various features, to make sure there is always one that meets your needs for laser creation.

At IKIER, we want to encourage people to create their own life and pursue a more sustainable and quality lifestyle. Driven by originality, sustainability and craftsmanship, you and us, can make a difference to yourself, your family and your community, and make higher value.


We always treasure the voices of our customers and community. We want our laser machine to inspire your ideas, create your own space and start business. Making it all the superlatives: Accuracy, Speed, Efficiency. It is our goal to make your life a better experience, and the planet a better place. This commitment is the inspiration that drives us, every day and forevermore.


Local Warehouse

Overseas Warehouse for faster delivery and maintainance

Replacement Policy

15 and 30-day replacement policy to make sure your machine is in the best quality

Support Team

An around-the-clock support panel guarantees the fast response to your feedback