Replacement Pump for iKier Air Assist

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➤ Air output: 30L/min
➤ Removes smoke and cutting residue
➤ Increases cutting power and protects the laser lens
➤ Easy to replace

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Easy to Replace

Three steps to replace your air assist, no need to disassemble the circuit, and quickly replace the iKier Air Assist in five minutes;

Deeper and Faster Cutting

Equipped with air assist, the laser engraving machine features a large and stable adjustable airflow that effectively blows away smoke and dust generated during the cutting process. This helps laser engraver to cut deeper and faster, improving work efficiency and saving your time. This is an essential accessory for laser engraving machines.

Clean Surface & Smooth Edge

The iKier air assist kit is equipped with adjustable airflow ranging from 10-30L/min. It rapidly reduces the surface temperature of the cutting material, preventing deformation and discoloration caused by high temperatures. This ensures smooth lines, complete patterns, and cleaner, smoother edges of the cut work, thereby improving the work quality.

Protection for Laser Head

The laser air assist pump has a stable air output system that blows away debris and smoke generated during the laser head operation, protecting the lens of the laser head from contamination. The powerful airflow also helps cool down the laser head and prevents potential damage caused by excessive heat, thereby extending the lifespan of the laser engraving machine.